On 18th of May 2009 the armed conflict between government forces and the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) ended with the military defeat of the terrorist movement. After this event, Sri Lanka has gradually become a safer country, and now warmly welcomes foreign tourists. However, we would provide some advices to make easier and more comfortable your trip to Sri Lanka.

The process of slow and gradual normalization of the Northern Province has been consolidated with the elimination of the state of emergency and removal of travel restrictions. In those areas, however, it is still not advised to travel as there are not yet adequate hotel facilities adequate to accommodate foreign tourists.

Although the situation in the districts of Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu seems to normalize, we recommend extreme caution, especially considering the fact that de-mining operations in some areas are still in progress.

Based on common sense, it is recommended to travelers who wish to visit Sri Lanka: