Our Philosophy

We believe in responsible, sustainable tourist. It creates a win-win situation: local communities are able to gain economical advantages from the fast-moving industry of tourism, and travelers are able to meet real people, experience true Sri Lanka, and go off the beaten tracks.

This island is extremely diverse in terms of environment, biodiversity, culture and traditions. We believe that travelers coming here deserve to experience all of it. Our services are studied and programmed to make you feel and experience this diversity. Traveling with Ecowave Travels means to experience the daily life of the different communities (Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim), have meals with them, and get to know how they make their livelihood. It means to visit the archeological sites considered world heritage by UNESCO, the world-famous tea plantations and real spice gardens, and the Kumana National Park, a heaven for bird-watcher.

We also believe that responsible tourism should be for everybody: our services are comfortable, we arrange good quality accommodations (always favoring locally-owned and manager businesses), we make regulars stops during the ground transfers, etc… We want travelers to meet local communities and ensure an economic return to them, but we also want tourist to enjoy and feel at ease.

The main excursions are easy enough for people of all ages, and we will make arrangements according to any specific need.

We love Sri Lanka, and we will make you love the island as well. And exploring Sri Lanka, you will certainly experience serendipity!